Gebhard Woods Festival Raffle


Once again the Gebhard Woods Festival is sponsoring a raffle. The 2016 raffle was the most successful in the history of the Festival, thanks to our generous donors and friends. All money raised from the raffle goes directly into the Festival treasury, thereby helping to fund future festivals. Raffle tickets cost only $1 individually, but much less when purchased in quantities.

As in recent years, each large instrument or item (dulcimer, stand, etc.) will have its own individual receptacle box for tickets.  Therefore, if you are interested in a certain item, you can put all of your tickets into the raffle box that goes with that specific item.  This means that all of the tickets in that one box will be from people hoping to win that one specific prize.

The drawings for our other valuable prizes (CDs, books, etc.) will be done from the one large raffle cage.  Tickets from people hoping to win any of these prizes should be deposited here.

And as always, you DO NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT at the Sunday drawing to win.

In addition to the dozens of prizes and winners at the final drawing on Sunday, there will also be two winners every hour on the hour.  One of these “hourly winners” will receive an official Gebhard Woods Festival T-shirt from the Festival sales booth, and the other “hourly winner” will receive a copy of Dulcimer Player News, with its accompanying CD.  The hourly winners must claim their prize that day.  All tickets from the hourly winners will be re-inserted into the box from which they were drawn, thereby giving the same ticket a chance to be a winner again in the Sunday drawings!

Ticket Prices

Quantity of Tickets

1 Ticket

6 Tickets

12 Tickets

18 Tickets

24 Tickets

30 Tickets

36 Tickets









Actual price per ticket

$1.00 each

$0.83 each

$0.75 each

$0.66 each

$0.62 each

$0.56 each

$0.50 each

2017 BEST BUY RAFFLE SPECIAL!!!  Purchase 36 tickets for $18 and get 12 additional tickets for only $2.00! This gives you 48 tickets and chances to win for only $20. 

And don't forget to bring your return address labels from home to help in filling out the raffle ticket information.  It can save you a LOT of time and effort! 


  • Mike Anderson - CDs or Books
  • Maureen Barnes – 10 CDs: “Pearls—Hymns of Patriotism and Faith”
  • Phil Cooper and Susan Urban (February Sky) – 3 CDs: "February Sky", "Time-Honored Pathways", "Goldenrod"
  • Mim Eichmann (Trillium) - "The Rattlin’ Bog" CD
  • Steve Endsley (Plank Road Dulcimers) – Mountain Dulcimer Display Stand
  • Chris & Melanie Foss (Songbird Dulcimers) - Chickadee Model 14/13/8 Chromatic Dulcimer Complete Package, Dulcimer Shaped Coffee Table
  • Bing Futch - "Blues Method for Mountain Dulcimer 101" Book, "Unresolved Blues" CD
  • Tull Glazener - Workshop/CD Packet, Book of Dulcimer Arrangements
  • Lilli Kuzma (Folk Festival Show) - WDCB Radio Bag of “Goodies”
  • Dan and Angie Landrum (Dulcimer Player News) - One-year subscription to DPN, 15 back copies of DPN with accompanying CDs
  • David & Annette Lindsey (David’s Dulcimers) – Hammered Dulcimer
  • David Lynch (Sweetwoods Instruments) - Mountain Dulcimer
  • Keigh Malis – Quilting Materials
  • Bill Preston (Tick Ridge Music) - Electric Stick with Accessories
  • Bill Robinson – Pair of Dulcimer Hammers, Set of CDs, Dulcimer Book
  • Gary Sager (Prussia Valley Dulcimers) - Folding Mountain Dulcimer Stand
  • Wayne & Becky Simms (Waynie Psalteries) - Soprano Compact Bowed Psaltery
  • Steve and Ruth Smith - “Touch of Grace” Book of Hammered Dulcimer Arrangements
  • Anna Stange - Toddler Quilt, Set of Children’s CDs
  • Randy Starns (Thunder Bear Flutes) - “How to Play the Native American Flute” Book
  • Rick Thum – 4 CDs: "Hammered Fiddle Tunes", "A Reason to Dance", "Front Porch Waltz", "Down the Old Dirt Road"
  • Kathy Walsh – 7 Night Stay at Gurtenard House B&B in County Kerry, Ireland
  • White River Dulcimers Co. - Traveler Model 14/13 Hammered Dulcimer
  • Max Z-T and House of Waters – 5 CDs:  “Too Heavy to Carry", “Many Tastes Are Loaded”, “Peace the Coats”, “Revolution”, "Bootleg"