2017 New Talent Stage

This year's festival will include an open showcase stage for dulcimer, harp and autoharp musicians. Pre-registration is strongly suggested - simply click the button below to request a stage time. Once confirmed, your name and biographical info will be displayed here.

NOTE - Pre-register here by May 15 to also have your information printed in the festival program!


Schedule as of April 18, 2017

Sat 10:00    OPEN


Sat 10:30    OPEN


Sat 11:00    OPEN


Sat 11:30    OPEN


Sat 12:00    OPEN


Sat 12:30    OPEN


Sat 1:00    OPEN


Sat 1:30    OPEN


Sat 2:00    OPEN


Sat 2:30    OPEN


Sat 3:00    OPEN


Sat 3:30    OPEN


Sat 4:00    OPEN


Sat 4:30    Ar Ais Aris (Back Again)

For over two decades we've been artfully performing the music we love! Our performances cross the boundaries of both Irish and American traditional ballads along with insightful original tunes. Expect nothing but great music and great humor from an Ar Ais Aris performance. With guitars, bodhrans, hammered dulcimer and accordion you'll hear a wide range of music from some of the greatest songwriters and performers, and if the occasion is right, we even dip into the folk/rock genre of the 60's and 70's.

Sun 10:00    OPEN


Sun 10:30    OPEN


Sun 11:00    OPEN


Sun 11:30    OPEN


Sun 12:00    OPEN


Sun 12:30    OPEN


Sun 1:00    OPEN


Sun 1:30    OPEN


Sun 2:00    OPEN


Sun 2:30    OPEN


Sun 3:00    OPEN


Sun 3:30    OPEN


Sun 4:00    OPEN


Sun 4:30    OPEN