Diane Ippel

Diane Ippel has been performing music on the hammered dulcimer since 1982, coming to it from a background of singing and playing guitar. Her passion for the hammered dulcimer motivated her to start the Hammers and Noters Dulcimer Society of Illinois, Inc. in 1985. She was the founder and ten-time coordinator of the Gebhard Woods Dulcimer Festival. Diane was also a founding committee member of the Morris Arts Council, and established the Morris Old Time Dance.

Over the past several years, Diane has performed nine pieces arranged by Malcolm Dalglish with school choirs. Diane has appeared at venues, events, and on TV and radio throughout the Midwest and in California. She has produced 4 vocal and instrumental album-length recordings, and appears as guest artist on 13 others. Diane was accepted to the Children’s Celebration of the Arts program and is a member of the Working Artists Ventura project. She is based in Ventura, California.