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Ukulele Moonshiners

As the moon shined brightly throughout the Hawaiian sky, the sweet sounds of ukuleles and laughter could be heard just beyond the swaying palm trees. The Ukulele Moonshiners were delightfully brewing up a creative concoction of “family friendly songs.” You are invited to join them on their journey of fun.

Who are the Ukulele Moonshiners?

Ron Moonshine (Hawaiian Name: Lonaka Okolehao)

Ron Is the most generous and kind hearted of the Moonshine Brothers. He is often mistaken for a Catholic Priest, and on numerous occasions people have stopped him on the street just to confess their sins and hand him money. For that reason he no longer wears black shirts in public.

Mike Moonshine (Hawaiian Name: Mikala Okolehao)

Mike wears a hat during performances that was given to him by the late great Don Ho. Levitation is one of his many hobbies. On occasion Mike will levitate when singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” He served in the Air force, and used to thrill his military buddies by flying without a plane.

Ed Moonshine (Hawaiian Name: Ekewaka Okolehao)

Ed is an expert at the unusual sport of Curling. He is very adept with a broom. Unfortunately a serious knee injury kept him out of the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble. He once hitch hiked from Chicago to Key West just to get a bowl of his favorite Conche Soup.

Stan Moonshine (Hawaiian Name: Kanale Okolehao)

Stan was born under a coffee tree in Kailua Kona Hawaii. As a child he was extremely fair skinned and thought to be an albino. Had Kilauea (The Big Island’s active volcano) been angry he might have been tossed in and used as a sacrifice. He ran the Chicago Marathon in 2008, and realized it’s easier to cover 26.2 miles in an air conditioned car.

This should be fun!

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