Tull Glazener

Tull Glazener, from Indianapolis, IN, has been sharing the music of the mountain dulcimer through performances and workshops at festivals throughout the country since 1986. He enjoys adapting all kinds of music to the mountain dulcimer, including aires and waltzes, rag-time, traditional/old-time, contemporary, classical, and jazz. He has produced 5 recordings, is the author of numerous instruction books, and has produced a series of “learn-at-home” teaching CDs. He has served as a columnist for “Dulcimer Players News”, and has been included on 2 of the “Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer” recordings produced by Susan Trump. In addition to the mountain dulcimer, Tull also plays hammered dulcimer and button accordion, and is a member of the “Family Reunion String Band” as well as the “Half Way Home” trio, both based in central Indiana.

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