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Sharon McInnis Broyles

Sharon McInnis Broyles resides in Carmel, Indiana and enjoys teaching and performing on the hammered dulcimer, as well as mountain dulcimer and pennywhistle. The 86-stringed, beautiful instrument known as the hammered dulcimer can sound like an elegant harp or a fast paced guitar. Sharon is self-taught and enjoys returning to festivals as a workshop leader in several states.

Sharon has played in coffee shops, weddings, the Mayor’s banquet, Indianapolis Children’s Choir, and as a member of the Squirrels' Nest Ensemble, formed at the Original Dulcimer Players' Club Funfest in Evart, Michigan. Her variety of genres includes classical, fiddle, traditional, Irish, waltzes and hymns. Sharon conducts private and group lessons of all ages in dulcimer, guitar, flute, quilting, knitting and sketching, as well as academic tutoring for struggling learners, applying her Masters degree in education.

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