New Website!

Screenshot 2014-02-13 18.29.56.png

Once again, we are excited to be launching a new website. Yes, we know, it seems like we launch a new one every year, but through the years, we've learned a lot about the capabilities we need. With each update, we strive to make the site easier to access, navigate, and keep up to date. Ultimately, we're always searching for a more effective way of communicating with festival goers.

We think we've found it and we're excited to share the new look and functionality.


Here are some updates that you can enjoy:

  • First off, this site is fully responsive. This means you can view it easily from any computer, browser, tablet, or smart phone. It's not too small for your large monitor, or too large for you smaller screen.
  • We have a news feed! That's what you are reading right now.  When newsworthy events happen, we can keep you in the loop easily. Not to mention, you'll know right where to look if you want to hear about recent events or changes to the festival. We'll also be able to use this feature to spotlight members of the community and featured performers.

    Best of all, you can comment on our news posts and share your thoughts with us too!
  • New Photo Galleries - We always try and share new photos each year through our Facebook page (check it out!), but it's been a fairly grueling task to add photos to the website.  Now we are able to easily add photos videos and other content on the fly.

Please let us know what you think, and as always, we look forward to seeing you in June!!!